Call Manager Plug-In

Schedule and start you meeting instantly using our desktop app

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  • Start or join your meeting from your mobile device – no dialing required
  • Mobile app will allow you to see who’s talking & mute participants
  • Dialout to participants
  • Record your call

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Outlook Integration

Schedule your conference call and send out invites directly from Outlook.

Start Your Conference Call

Use our Call Manager feature to start your conference call and invite participants. The Call Manager will call your phone to connect your line directly into the call – finally no more dialing numbers and passcodes.

Waiting Rooms

Has the Leader not joined the conference call yet – no problem! Attendees can sit on music hold and see a custom message in your waiting room.

Easily Manage Your Audio Quality

Finally you can see who is causing background noise and mute the participants line.  See who is talking in your conference call and mute, unmute and disconnect lines to keep your meeting running smoothly.


Chat to your attendees privately or to the entire group in your conference call.

Security For Your Conference Calls

Lock your conference call for extra security and unwanted participants.

Dial-Out to Attendees

Did a attendee forget to join your conference call?  No problem! Invite attendees using the call manager or touch tone commands

Break Out Rooms

Easily move participants into sub-conferences for break out rooms.  Participants will be able to speak privately in their own group and leader can join all participants back into main conference call.

Touch-Tone Phone Key Commands

All features are available to control your conference call using our telephone key commands. Mute all lines, record a conference call, sub-conferencing, dial-out to participant.

Record Your Conference Call

  • Record your calls using the desktop & mobile app or telephone keypad
  • Recording will be available by downloading the wav/mp3 file
  • Listening to the playback of recording by dialing a toll-free number

Post Conference Emails

Receive a report after every conference call at no additional charge. The conference report will include all participants that joined your call with connection and duration of each caller.

No obligations. No contracts.

Just quality service for your conference calling.