Operator Assisted Calling

Do you regularly conduct large conference calls consisting of 30 or more participants at a time?  If your business depends upon the ability to successfully complete large conference calls, operator assisted conference calls and Event Conferencing services are exactly what you need.

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Lead Moderator

Moderator will manage your conference call from start to finish

Participation Report

Report will be sent of all participant’s information after the call

Q&A Session

Moderator will facilitate a professional question & answer session between speakers and participants

Record Event

Record your conference call for replay, download recording or order transcript


Speakers can use LeaderView to chat to the moderator/speakers, see all participants on call and prioritize Q&A


Private sub-conference with speakers and moderators to prepared for your conference call

Trust our operator assisted conference calling service knowing 90% of the Fortune 100 companies use our professional moderators and bridging technology

Varied Event Options & Price Points

Take advantage of our amazing operator assisted conferencing pricing!  We dare you to compare our pricing to competitors!

Standard Event


/minute per line

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Premium Event


/minute per line

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Event Reservations

Our event specialists are available 24/7 to help schedule your operator assisted conference calls and discuss any features your business needs in your events. Whether you need to schedule a investor relations call, legal proceeding or webinar – our event specialists will walk you through the best way to facilitate your operator assisted events

Pre-planning & Scheduling

Our specialist will give you the extra hand holding to allow you to focus on what’s really important – your event

During Your Call

Our moderator will stay on the call to conduct an opening script, manage audio quality, conduct Q&A and chat using LeaderView

After the Call

Moderator will place all speakers into a post conference to allow for final comments.  Any recording or participant report will be sent shortly after the call

No obligations & Contracts.

Finally a solution that provides excellent quality without all the hidden fees