Unified Meeting

Unified Meeting is an Online meeting software which lets you quickly and easily bring people together—from anywhere in the world—so they can see what you want to show them, hear what you have to say and interact in order to learn, collaborate and make decisions. You get audio, web and video conferencing in a single, proprietary system that integrates with everyday business tools, like calendaring systems and instant messaging clients.
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Using the best online meeting software, you can meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.

Share Your Screen and Presentations

Conduct online meetings and collaborate with attendees by sharing your desktop or showing a presentation.  Unified Meeting includes polling, file sharing, video conferencing, chat and record your meeting.

Video Conferencing

Engage your participants by sharing video using a web cam or Polycom video equipment in your board room.

Polling and Surveys

Ask polling questions or surveys to get valuable information from your attendees in your online meeting.

Record Your Online Meeting

Recording will capture all visuals in your online meeting and fully integrate with our conference calling service. Recording is available to download or click a link to view playback – at no additional charge.


Chat with attendees privately or all participants in your meeting

Break Out Rooms

Host is able to move attendees into different break out rooms to allow them to collaborate separately.

Unified Meeting Reporting

Report will be sent after each meeting with all attendees that joined your meeting with duration for each participant.

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