If you are dealing with hundreds of clients, and business partners in a day then it is absolutely necessary that you have operator assisted conference calls which keep the people connected to the right department when a call comes in. Big business that expects to have all systems running at optimum efficacy then such tools becomes absolutely necessary for them. Dealing with hundreds of callers becomes difficult when the business operation takes a bigger form. Precision is the key to ensure that every client gets the same kind of response from the system. Any delays would only mean that a customer or a business partner is lost.

Microsoft Live meeting is one of the most popular convergence software where the user accounts can be easily grouped together. This software allows people to create custom slides, share documents and slides with multiple users. Calls can also be recoded through this system so that information can be reviewed later on for business purposes.  Complied information through this system can be printed on a PDF format. Web tours can be initiated through this system so that all the business partners can be on the same page at the same time. Rich media presentations can be easily made through this system.

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