Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calling is one of the most important aspects of a growing and well established company. It shows that you are an expanded company that needs its most important members to be together via conference call, no matter where these members are. Work and progress of this company is well beyond the central headquarters of the company. Because of this, it is extremely important to conduct proper conference call etiquette. While it is true that in today’s business world people are asked upon to take on more tasks and responsibilities, it is very key to focus and be on cue when it comes to conference calls, as they are vital to making a company go.

Be Punctual and Prepared
First thing to understand is to always be on time at all times. In the time of reservationless audio conferencing, conference calls can be done at any time, so its key as the CEO or manager who is conducting said conference call is to prep or warn the other members of the company that a conference call via reservationless audio conferencing can and will happen at anytime during the day. If done correctly, everyone will be one the same page and can hit the ground running with a conference call.

Have a Leader for a Conference Call
Whether it is a CEO or manager, it is important to have a defined and understood leader or manager for a conference call. In order for employees to be punctual for a conference call and be prepared for it, it is necessary to have a manager lead it. If not, there will be confusion on what the chain of command is for the conference call. Members of the call may not know the exact premise of the conference call, and may not know how to proceed once one gets underway. Such as there is a need to manage the company as a whole, that same need and urgency is important in conducting a conference call.

Hold Off on Eating Food
As the manager for a conference call, take lead and do not eat during the conference call and make it a point to the other participants of the conference call to abstain from eating as well. It is very distracting to the other participants and will continually delay the call altogether. It is important that all participants of the call divert all their energy in conducting a swift and productive conference call. To completely avoid this dilemma; as a manager or CEO, be kind to your employees and let them have a sufficient period of time before or after to eat their lunch.

Have Management at all Ends of the Conference Call
Lastly, to help keep employees participating in the conference call prepped and ready to go, have management at all ends of the conference call. Doing so allows order and preparedness for all engaged in the conference call. It also allows management to be face to face with everyone during the conference call.

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