How Conference Calls Minimize the Cost of Doing Business

A direct byproduct of the current economy and a seemingly unending recession has uncovered businesses of all types and sizes seeking to do the obvious: get more done – faster, more efficiently and with less wasted time. Most smart businesspeople now look for ways to cut costs in every way possible, yet still get things done. One major way to do more with less has manifested itself in the growing use of conference call services rather than traveling and making personal appearances.

The ability to make what can often be set up as toll free conference calls has enabled businesses worldwide to conduct meetings and distribute information more effectively through conducting regular weekly or monthly meetings. This saves all of the expenditures associates with travel including airfare, food expenses and time. This makes it easier to realize gains in attendance and is more effective when communicating with branch offices and employees. When accounting for all of the expenses associated with physically bringing everyone together, the savings can grow to be quite significant.

Here are the simple areas teleconferencing can impact to provide huge savings:


You really only need to consider the basic demands of any kind of travel. Speed is nearly irrelevant – it does not matter if it a trip across town or to another country. Time becomes a major factor in all aspects of measuring the savings that can be realized with teleconferencing. No matter how fast you can get there, travel takes time – and time means money. There are plenty of substantial advantages associated with teleconferencing over travel, especially when a trip needs to take place by air.Even travel to a nearby city can make it a major project. Traveling for business means making preparations, packing, and experiencing the unavoidable airport delays. These factors all demand time that will be squandered regardless of how short the trip is. When compared, conference calls can be initiated from any place equipped with phones and, sometimes, a service that facilitates a smooth conferencing process.

No Travel Expenses

Travel is costly for many reasons. Among these are the direct expenses associated with air or car travel, food and lodging. Add to these costs, the time it takes to prepare and you can easily identify a flawed, cumbersome process. This can be all the more certain for businesses that send associates to meetings often.Many conference call services offer toll free conference calls – free is tough to beat when comparing it to the costs inherent with travel. Many services offer all kinds of options and can tailor a program suitable to virtually any needs you have.


Conference calling services have quickly evolved and adapted to meet the needs of people that are frequently on the move. The calls can be made and received nearly anywhere – at home, in the workplace, and even with cellular phones. Nearly any kind of device that can make and receive calls can be used to be involved and stay informed.As a result, conference call services represent far superior alternatives for those who are physically handicapped or work at home on flextime. Teleconferencing has also made it practical for many parents to participate in meetings and return to work, all without spending money on childcare.

Low Cost

Many teleconference services even permit businesses and their customers to generate their phone calls from diverse areas throughout the world. Imagine having a productive conversation between a prospect in Rome and any associate or support staff in the U.S.Further consider all the conference call attendees can make use of a U.S. telephone number to generate the phone call, consequently minimizing expenses to the point they are so much lower that they can no longer be fairly compared with travel expenses. The differences place the two in completely separate categories. Add to this, the ability to add toll free conference calls, and businesspeople get very interested in improving productivity while generating more revenue.


There is no surer way to avoid misunderstanding than to have the capability to record both sides of the conversation. Even travel to another locale makes this inconvenient and has the perception of the lack of trust. Doing this personally can be intimidating and even be considered rude. On the phone, archiving calls and meetings is far easier with teleconferencing.Recording calls is sort of a matter-of-fact proposition. Most people expect to be recorded in a teleconference. This enables everyone to validate that no essential information was overlooked when preparing minutes of the proceedings.

The “Green” Factor

Reducing travel has clear and measurable benefits, but let’s not forget another major element – being kind to the environment. Consumers and businesses are all more inclined to do things that will show people they care about planet Earth. Air travel plays a big role in creating a larger carbon footprint – and this is more than a buzz word today.

The time and expense of traveling to see clients and business associates at their offices is becoming an occasional luxury. Today, teleconferencing is a breeze and is becoming standard practice. For a professional appearance, even on the phone, consider signing up with a conference calling service provider, like GlobalConf!

For your next business meeting, invoke a no travel policy. Setup a conference call and let everyone know when it is going to happen. The gains in productivity, speed and efficiency may make you a teleconferencing convert.

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